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Scuba DIving

Looking to change your life forever through a fun, exciting and new experience - "Scuba Diving" ticks those boxes.

Browse the descriptions below to see whats happening when you either "Start from Scratch" or "Continue your Education" as a PADI Recreational Scuba Diver or enroute to becoming a PADI Professional.


PADI DISCOVER SCUBA is not a certification.  Discover Scuba is a quick and easy introduction under Instructor direct supervision to experience and explore the underwater world. 

1. Watch an Introductory video.    2. Get introduced SCUBA gear.

3. Complete Skills you will need to know in Shallow Water.    

4. SCUBA DIVE for the first time with your INSTRUCTOR !!

Your Instructor will explain how to progress to the PADI Open Water certification.


PADI SCUBA DIVER is for those "Short on time" or "Will always dive with a PADI Professional."  

The certification is a subset of the Open Water Course but limits your options.

1. eLearning    2. Introduction to gear    3. 3 x Confined Water skill sessions.

4. 2 x Open Water dives restircted to 12m/40ft.  

Continuation training can be arranged to complete the PADI Open Water Diver course.


PADI OPEN WATER DIVER is the world's most popular and widely recognized scuba course.

1. eLearning    2. Introduction to gear    3. 5 x Confined Water skill sessions

4. 4 x Open Water dives. 

Requirements: 10 years+. Adequate swimming skills and good physical health.

On completion you will be certified to:

1. Dive without professional supervision to a maximum depth of 40m/132ft.

2. Obtain air fills, rent/purchase scuba equipment and participate in dive activities.

3. Continue dive training by completing PADI Specialty courses.


ENRICHED AIR DIVER is PADI's most popular specialty course.  Why? You get more no decompression time and shorter surface intervals. If staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to become an enriched air diver.

1. eLearning    2. Discuss managing oxygen exposure.

3. Analyze oxygen content from a tank. 

4. Set your oxygen percentage and dive computer to Nitrox.

5. Strap on a tank and go Nitrox Scuba diving!!

Certification does not require "dives" if you are short on time.


PADI ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER is all about Exploration, Excitement and Experiences.

Your course comprises of 5 x Adventure Dives.  Deep and Underwater Navigation(required) – you choose the other three.  We recommend Night Diver, Drift DIver & Wreck DIver. 

1. eLearning or manual/video  2. Choose your three optional Adventure DIves.

3. Introduction to gear  4. 5 x Adventure Dives over 2 or 3days.

Each Adventure Dive can be credited as the first dive of the corresponding Specialty Course.

DEEP DIVER    2 days

PADI DEEP DIVER course teaches you everything you need to know to get you diving safely between 18m/60ft down to 40m/132ft.  Sometimes it’s a wreck that attracts you or a wall with a giant fan or sponge. Whatever it is, you will learn to scuba dive with confidence.

1. Crew Pack/Video  2. Introduction to gear.

3. Discuss Deep Dive Planning, Buoyancy Control, Gas Management, Personal Limitations.

4. 4 x Deep Dives over 2 days.

DRIFT DIVER    1 day

PADI DRIFT DIVER teaches you how to enjoy going with the flow as you scuba dive down rivers and use ocean currents to glide along. It feels like flying – except that you’re underwater using scuba equipment. Drift diving can be relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

1. Crew Pack/Video  2. Introduction to gear.  

3. Discuss techniques for staying close to a buddy/group as you float with the current.

4. 2 x Drift Dives and your one course closer to becoming a Master Scuba Diver.

Special consideration must be taken in advance of diving in rivers or new sites.

WRECK DIVER    2 days

PADI WRECK DIVER  lets you pursue diving Ships, Airplanes and even Cars which usually teem with aquatic life.  Each wreck dive offers a chance for discovery, potentially unlocking a mystery or spying something others have missed.

1. Crew Pack/Video  2. Introduction to gear.  

3. Discuss techniques for staying safe, Entry/Exit, Torches and Reels.

4. 4 x Wreck Dives over 2 days.

5. Prerequisite: 15yr+ and a Adventure Diver certification.

NIGHT DIVER    2 days

PADI NIGHT DIVER shows that dive site you have visited many times, at night you drop into a whole new world under the glow of your dive light. The scene changes as day creatures retire and nocturnal organisms emerge. 

1. Crew Pack/Video  2. Introduction to gear and specialist equipment.

3. Discuss Light handling, Communication, Navigation, Marine light behaviour.

4. 3 x Night Dives over 2 days.

5. Prerequisite: 12yr+ and Open Water Diver certification.

RESCUE DIVER    2 days

PADI RESCUE DIVER prepares you to deal with dive emergencies, minor and major, using a variety of techniques.  You learn what to look for and how to respond. During rescue scenarios, you put into practice your knowledge and skills. 

1. eLearning  2. Introduction to Emergency management & Equipment.

3. Discuss Self Rescue, Managing Stress, Panicked Divers, Unresponsive Divers.

4. 1 Day Pool Session (+Admin/Instruction), 2 x Open Water Rescue DIves

5. Prerequisite: 12yr+, Underwater Navigation Adventure DIve and CPR/First Aid(current).

DIVEMASTER    Internship

PADI DIVEMASTER is your first level of professional training. Working closely with a PADI Instructor to fine-tune your dive skills.  You’ll lead others as you supervise scuba diving activities and assist with diver training. 

1. eLearning  2. Introduction to the business & management side of Scuba Diving.

3. Discuss Supervision, Diver Safety, Programming, Briefings, Courses, Administration etc

4. 5 days per week over 3 months - Other arrangements can be discussed.

5. Prerequisite: 18yr+, Rescue Diver, CPR/First Aid(current). 40+ logged dives.

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