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You want to be safe and sound in the confines of a luxury swimming pool but still get to try out the scuba diving equipment your certified friends talk about after their getaway holidays?

Sion Hill Plantation House

The Sunset Pool - For the Big Kids ;-)

  • Sion Hill Plantation offers an elevated swimming pool overlooking the Plantinum West Coast.  20m in length and 2.5m at the deep end, the perfect pool for trying on SCUBA and experiencing breathing underwater for the first time.

The Orchard Pool - For the Little ones ;-)

  • This shallow swimming pool is waist deep on entry and 2m at the deep end.  Perfect for those wanting the comfort of being able to stand up out of the water when required or simply dip the head and look around while breathing through the regulator.

  • The Orchard pool is gaited, home to 3 friendly rabbits and two turtles.  Cats come and go as they please.

In the Pool

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